ARAS apply creative solutions to achieve the commercial and industrial height access that your business needs. Our tailored services can be adapted to your changing or evolving requirements, whilst applying stringent safety measures at all times.


Your Problem, Our Specialty

Providing access to challenging, difficult, or problem areas is our speciality, particularly where access is not achievable through other methods. Whether you need specialist access or height access for inspection or maintenance, ARAS will conduct an onsite risk assessment and provide an intelligent solution.

With a focus on safety and quality, our experienced rope access technicians and trade workers prioritize our industry standards at all times. This includes effective material procurement, quality control, and diligence in implementing our OH&S (Health and Safety) culture and systems.

Service Built Around You

As a relationship-based business, we pride ourselves on our friendly, open service. Strength is achieved through collaboration and we take pride in working seamlessly alongside other trades.

Based in Melbourne, ARAS is family owned and operated. Familiar with OH&S Acts, we adopt the safety ethos of a big business while retaining the nimbleness of a small enterprise.


Maintenance, Repair and Remedial Works

. Protective Coating Application and Repaint Works

. Concrete Repairs, Facade Makesafes and Stablisation

. Window Replacements and Glazing

. Pressure Cleaning

. Leak Detection and Waterproofing

Access Solutions and Height Safety

. Rope Access

. Installation Systems: Ladders and Walkways, Fall Arrest and Abseil Anchor Points, Davit Arms

. Alternative Access: Rigging, EWP, Confined Space

. Other Installations: Bird-Proofing, Signage, Lighting

Inspections and Certifications

. Height Access System Certifications

- Height Safety P.P.E Inspections

. Lifting Gear Inspections

. Fa├žade Integrity Inspections

Collaboration with other Trades

. Confined Space Entry

. Standby Rescue

. Technical Rigging and Lift Plans

. Trade Services


The ARAS Vision

We employ win-win strategies to make a positive difference for our clients, our workers, the public, and the environment. Whilst maintaining premium safety standards at all time, ARAS strives to provide creative and efficient solutions to height access problems.

Our Core Values

We value people, hold their safety in the highest regard, and treat them with respect at all times. ARAS offers premium quality service with safety at the forefront of everything we do.

We welcome feedback and strive for continuous improvement. We seek to exceed expectations and ensure excellence in everything we do. Honesty and integrity are paramount to us and we will conduct ourselves professionally and in a friendly, approachable manner at all times.

Our Mission

  • To provide safe, effective, height access.
  • To maintain our core philosophies, grow as a business, and encourage, support, and value our employees.
  • To treat one another with respect, honesty, and integrity.
  • To give back to the community through sponsoring charities, offering our services, and supporting local groups.
  • To be environmentally accountable and intuitive in every step we take.
  • To use our strength and passion to be the biggest small business we can be.


Safety is at the core of everything we do. We care about our employees and believe in providing them with the training and expertise to empower them to make decisions.

Our experienced rope access technicians are focused on safety and dedicated to providing a quality service. At ARAS, industry standards are of the utmost importance to us. We adopt a nurturing culture that extends to our clients, the public, and the environment.

In the end, we aim to be accountable and intuitive every step of the way.


If you have a job that requires our height access expertise, please contact us below today!

p: 0424 417 172
e: info@arasgroup.com.au

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